Sometimes we end up preaching in a rut. We only preach what we already preach. We see a different text, but the same sermon. How can we keep from becoming a Johnny One Note Preacher? Elder Cox addresses this issue in this 5 minute audio.

Download the audio at this link.

1 thought on “Audio 45 – The Johnny One Note Preacher

  1. Hey Jr – Your web-presence, ministry and techology are all very impressive. I have looking carefully at your approach to all media, to pick up some hints as I am developing an www presence with my ministry… One never gets to old to learn, until one get to lazy to grow. With 4 degrees and scores of certifications I’m a perpetual student, looking to see what i can learn from you. Congrats and your progress and work!

    I am Rick McKinney, Sr. I don’t know if you remember me or know of me. I pastored in So Central with ur father years ago, started the inner city program for the denomination; was conference official in South Altlantic; Served as the first VP for Development, Federal Relation, Alumni, Public Relation, etc. etc. when Rock came to be president at Oakwood. I left Oakwood and enrolled in the U of Miami, Fl. Recieved both a masters in counseling, doctorate School of Ed & Counseling Psy in administration with a major emphasis on personality development. Stayed at UM as a professor, Administrator, program developer and ambassador for about 15 years. Since 1986 – been in private practice as a brief psychotherapist specializing in criminal and addictive behaviors; emotional problems and disorders – contracting with federal agencies and administering counseling programs for minority troubled and in-troubled populations. In 1996 I began training minister a form of cognitive spiritual therapy (CST) which I founded and came back to work as a contractor/trainer in So Central under Joe McCoy – in an attempt to get the church involved in the 21st century plight of the unmet needs of black and other underclass members (a sort of revisitation of the original Inner City Movement I started back in the 60’s.) This time I was more unsuccessful in my attempts to move the black sda church from the pulpit & pew to the asphalt jungle of MLK blvd than the first time. BUT… I have had several highly publicized and decorated program successes outside of Adventist Church-dome. However one of my heart’s mission is, as I see that your’s is, in assisting ministers. Yours in preaching. Mine in health and wellness (mind,body,emotional healing through natural and spiritual means.- alternative medicine) (Both my wife (Sheila) and I are psychologists, but have added a physical health component as National Certified Nutritional Therapists. When you get a chance
    check out our current website. We are struggling to learn more about website building and at present I’m trying to learn how to put audio and video (besides youtubes) on our site. I am trying to learn to use Dreamweaver, Filezilla and Impact audio players to upgrade my site to short audio/video bursts, since the people we desire to reach don’t read much(smiles). Maybe we could network on some mutual persuits. I also help churches raise funds – mostly non-sda churches as our last project in Philly had 142 churches as participants. (Prison Ministry Project for Mayor John Street.) Just a passing thought or two. Tell Dad hello for me, since I couldn’t find him on FB.

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