Black Preaching. “Isn’t that racist?” “Good Preaching Has No Color!” “I’m Glad Jesus Loves All Races Unlike You.”

Yep, I have heard statements like these as well as other more pointed ones. Yes, I have been called a racist for addressing “Black Preaching.”

But even some of my supporters miss what I am attempting to do with this web site. Check it out on this audio.

Download the audio at this link.

2 thoughts on “Audio 47 – Is Black Preaching Just For Black Folks?

  1. I want to address the question: Is Black Preaching Racist? Black preaching is not racist but it is particular. It speaks to an experience that is unique to Black reality. And it seeks to address a historical and present reality that has been shaped by slavery and racism. So when I as a Black preacher think about the indignities and the injustices that we have suffered I find power in the Incarnation that conveys that God came to walk in my shoes. God understands the humiliation that we as a people have endured but He also died to break the back of evil, and to lift us up into the fullness of our intended humanity.

  2. Kristin Patrick says:

    I don’t think that Black preaching is racist. It is common for people to sometimes receive certain information from another who looks like them and possibly been through similar issues. When Jesus preached the gospel He preached to people of multiple cultures, personalities, and even those were subject to reject the Word. That should be our guide it is funny how the world is still hung up on the color thing if ministers are preaching from the Bible they have a limited chance of being biased, one sided, racist, or offending anyone.

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