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Don’t be fooled by the truncated gospel of those who would prostitute the Black Preaching Tradition. In this commentary, Pastor Cox discusses the importance of preaching the full message if one is to preach in the Black tradition.

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4 thoughts on “Audio 24- Prostituting the Black Preaching Tradition

  1. Leamon P. Bellamy says:

    I really enjoyed listening the observations that you have made concerning those who prostitute this great God inspired art. I have come to see this among many preachers SOME of them have a hoot & shout down to what THEY think is a science but when it is carefully examined there IS NO substance present.

    When you know what preaching is you can’t readily agree with junk which is spoken. Far too many individuals both male & female have become entertainers and not gospel preachers who fail to present the gospel story in a form of a message which challegenes the hearer to become a Christ like doer of the written & spoken word.

    Some most recently shared with me that a local pastor every Sunday he preach about 12 minutes but nothing of substance is given to the hearers… is said that every Sunday it i about Them boys in the flaming furnance, The lion’s den, and it’s hmm this and hmm Oh Larwd that but the people say NO SUBSTANCE and the preacher.

    Again I see your point it very clear to me that substance is a requirement

    May God’s Blessing Upon You



  2. Sylvester Warsaw, Jr. says:

    Jesus talked about this very issue in the gospels when He said,”that in the last days people will have itching ears.” He also, warned us against wolves in sheep clothing. Not only do I blame the messenger who prostitute the Word of God, but, also, those sitting in the pews pretending to be hearing the Word of God because they’re hearing what they want to hear and it makes them feel good in their own self righteouness.

    The Black Religious Tradition lies within the Prophetic Tradition of God’s Holy inspired Word and not in the civil religion of America not evangelicalism. The Kingdom of God isn’t the so-called American dream. My dear brother in Christ, Elder Cox, keep doing what you do my brother and I’m getting off my soap-box because this is a touchy subject with me.

    Peace my brother,

    Pastor Sylvester Warsaw, Jr.

  3. Frederick D. Harris says:

    There is so much entertaining going on in the pulpit these days; I believe that the true preacher can gain ground through his/her teaching against this perversion of the gospel messageā€¦ Well put Bro. Cox.

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