Acts 1:1-11

We all know that the disciples had seen Jesus Crucified and now they have him resurrected. Certainly this is the time when everything will be fulfilled. They must have throught that now was the time for the Kingdom to be fully realized in this world. If at any time it would be then. And yet Jesus left again.

Psalm 1

Happy are those who stand with God. The wicked are not so happy. In this Psalm the wicked are giving faulty advice. They scoff at God and truth. In contrast the righteous meditate on God’s word and law. So they stand in the Judgement.

What do I do? Do I stand with the righteous or the wicked? Do I delight in the law of the Lord or do I scoff at it? Do I make fun of those who stand for truth come what may? Becasue if I am not on the side of the righteous then the Lord who watches over the righteous will execute Judgment on me.