The Eco Justice Ministries website has a post up entitled Three Layers of Environmental Preaching.

The author of the post is specifically talking about preaching on the Environment, but one can easily adapt the discussion to such issues as Racism, Classism, or other issues that might be a problem in your particular parish.

Issues Preaching

The next pattern from Ronald Allen’s book Patterns for Preaching is Paul Scott Wilson’s approach described in his book The Four Pages of the Sermon The sermon under this structure is a manuscript with four distinct pages. Each page is a different approach to the materials.

Peter Mead over at Biblical Preaching has a series going on Preaching without notes that I referred to in this post. In his first post he described why preaching without notes is a valuable method.

In the second post which can be found here, Mead emphasizes the HOW. Mead’s method can be summed up in one word, “internalization.”

What You will say not How You will say it

I am writing this to include in the How To Group Writing Project. At this link you can find a number of Bloggers giving “how to’s” on a ton of subjects…

This post has been expanded into a free ebook that you can find information about at this link