Charles Koller’s excellent book entitled How To Preach Without Notes devotes chapter 16 to the topic of The Basic Appeals in Biblical Preaching. We will work our way through these appeals in the coming days.

Koller notes that in essence, the preacher is attemting to appeal to the conscience of the hearer. We want to help the people hear the Holy Spirit as the Spirit is “instructing, encouraging, approving; or correcting, warning, [and] rebuking” the soul. Koller also notes that while there is one basic appeal, there are many “roads” to the hearers conscience. These raods are the different appeals.

Different people need different appeals to reach them. This is why the Bible does not always speak of the “Love of God.” That is an appeal, but there is also an appeal to “altruism.” The Bible even uses an appeal to duty, and even fear on occasion. In the coming posts we will look at seven of them that Koller identifies in this excellent work.

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