In the Winter 2003 edition of the African American Pulpit there is the sermon The Worms Got Him by Dr. Caesar Clark who is one of the great African American preachers.

We will look at this sermon at another time in that there is much in it to learn about the genius of the Black pulpit. What I want to look at here is the interesting device that Clark uses in his first move of the sermon. Here Clark summarizes a lot of information and background data for the hearers.

Clark’s Sermon

Craig Webb at Lifeway has an article where he discusses the use of handouts in preaching. Webb defines a handout as

a sheet of paper you handout to the congregation which helps them follow along with your sermon. It could include the title of your sermon, the main points of your sermon with fill in the blanks, and printed verses of scriptures and scripture references.

A discussion of Teresa Fry Brown’s book. What can we learn from our preaching sistas?

In addition, how can the ministry of music as a metaphor help our preaching? These questions guide the book Weary Throats and New Songs.