[amazon cover 0800629973]One of the most frequently asked questions that new preachers ask is where is a book to help me learn to preach? There are actually tons of such books. I have written on this question in the past on this website as well as another one. Even though that is true, I will take it up again in this article. I think that an African American Preacher needs a few resources to help them to preach.

General Introduction to Preaching Book

You need an idea for your sermon. You are not sure where to start. You are in the midst of “Preacher’s Block.” Here Pastor Cox gives 5 techniques to use to generate sermon ideas.

[amazon cover 0801057574]One of the important components of effective preaching is to help the congregation experience the sermon in as many sense as possible, not just hear the sermon. This book by Warren Wiersbe entitled Preaching and Teaching with Imagination provides an apologetic for using the imagination in preaching.

[amazon cover B000000QMM]Everyone has heard of Sam Cooke. Many Gospel music lovers know that he began in Gospel singing some of the greatest songs that can even still be heard today.

From “Wonderful” to “Jesus be a Fence to Touch the Hem,” you can still hear the music made and remade. However few know of the man that influenced both Cooke and much of Gospel music. The man’s name is R. H. Harris. Cooke followed R. H. Harris in the Soul Stirrers.