Blues, Theology, and Preaching

Learning from the Black Preaching Tradition 



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Here is a link to my main blog where you can find most of my material. I have just started blogging again in Mid 2022.

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Where are my sermons? Here is a link to some of my sermons that are available online.

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These will be updated, but here is a link to a number of Web Seminars and interviews I have given over the years..

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Latest Updates


Practice Makes Perfect

The other day someone called me… “Hey Doc…I need to look at this text from a different angle…can you help me?” Well…I am a different person…so probably will hit it


On Homiletic Purpose

On Homiletic Purpose What Is Your Sermon’s Objective? You are about to preach a sermon… Can you sum up the objective of the sermon in a sentence? What would your


Preaching To Real People

Brother Sherman, Can you speak more on preaching to “Grandma and Dem?” Someone asked. And again, if you want me to answer some questions, please go head and respond to


God Will Turn A Watch Into A Warning

God will Turn a watch into a Warning God shows up every time 2 or 3 are gathered in God’s name. (Matthew 18:20) But, every once in a while… God


Apply the Sermon, or Let Someone Else Preach

Apply the sermon…. If you can’t do that… Then let someone preach who can and will… I’ve said it before, but let me say it again… Some preachers are just


Keep Moving Forward

I turned 51 years of age today… And Life is good… But it can be rough… Things didn’t go as I had planned always in ministry… Even this ministry…

The Blues

What does the Blues have to do with Theology and Preaching? Check it out here.

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Here is a link to my harmonica resources. Yes the Blues and Preaching, especially Black preaching is connected, but here you can find information on my Musical Endeavors.

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In this website, I attempt to learn from and teach the African American Preaching tradition. Relatively recently I have begun studying Blues in the same context. 



About Sherman Cox II

I am a Vanderbilt University Divinity School trained theologian (MDiv 2008) and ordained Elder in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination who teaches homiletics at this website.

I am also a Software Engineer and an amateur musician who plays  harmonica.