Like everyone else, I can easily fall into the trap of seeing what I have not done right. This can be problematic over the long haul. If you never look at what you are doing right you might do one of a few things.

1) You might never realize that progress is being made in your preaching.

2) You miss out on the easiest way to improve your preaching, namely, build on your strengths.

3) You might miss out on some encouragement that you need. Some of us cannot even hear a member telling us of how important a message was because we are too busy critiquing what could be done better.

In short, if you only look at the things you do wrong in preaching you are only getting a piece of the picture. So look at your sermons. What parts are you doing well. Which parts are you exceeding expectations in? What parts of your theological understanding are moving forward in great ways?

It is a tough job, but you are doing something correctly. Always take time to celebrate that. It is true that God is not through with you yet…It is also true that God ain’t just started on you either. Praise God for the progress.

5 thoughts on “Celebrate The Progress In Preaching

  1. Minister Evangeline says:

    At the current church I attend as an associate minister and the Pastor always critics our sermons. He gives us what we did wrong as well as how we can better improve. It has been a helpful tool, once I realized it was a helping tool. When I first started preaching I would get upset because the bad out weighed the good. But when I stopped taking it personal and saw that he was really trying to help instead of hurt I realize it was a good tool. I would beat myself up because I didn’t preach with authority but I had just started out and I wasn’t really confident in my preaching so when I would get the list from him, it would almost, well, it crush my spirits. We have so many associate minister’s until we only get the preach every six months. So, by the time it’s my turn all over again I would just be a bundle of nerves.

  2. Thank you for your response. You should feel blessed in that many do not have Senior Pastors who take time out to critique the sermons of his associates. In fact, you aughta bless that preacher for taking time out to bless you…

  3. Good morning and thank you for another well timed “help tool.” I too am a part of a growing church with several Associate Ministers so I try to use every sermon from every ministering opportunity by all to find some fruit and use it just as I do from Soul Above all, I am a life long learner so I share a quote I heard from Pastor Gina Stewart that pepped my step this weekend. She said, “Remember it is not about the skill, but it is all about the Source”

  4. Rev T. Shelton says:

    Well put. I believe we all go through this, and it (critiquing the bad, or weak elements constantly) can even ‘bleed’ over into the times we stand before the congregation(s). This can be distracting as one can lose focus and make a mess of a good thing. Remember: God is in charge!

  5. Ptr Rizal Asuncion says:

    Thank you Rev.Cox again for your reminder to thank God for guiding us to progress in our preaching. Yes I celebrate my progress in preaching, thanking God in the Holy Spirit for leading me. I also ask the Holy Spirit to guide me in improving further, believing that us human, I am far from being perfect. So I ask the Holy Spirit to point out imperfections so I may correct by His guidance. Praise Him that my preachings under God’s guidance is improving.

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