It was not really that long ago when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr dreamed of a better world and then had the audacity to go out and attempt to bring that world into reality. A reality that included a world without racism. A reality that included marching for poor people and workers who were taken advantage of. A reality that included not being invovled in unjust wars.

Today We Celebrate the Movement

Today and yesterday we celebrate the movement and the outgrowth of the movement which includes a milestone in the life of the country where Barak Obama, the nation’s first African American president-elect, takes office as president of the United States. I look at some of the great leaders of the movement for civil rights and see the tears in their eyes. I see others as they see this as an affirmation that God definitely was on our side and we would overcome.

Praise God and Remember who You Are

Let us praise God and be happy for what God has done. But let us not lose sight of our jobs as preachers. We are not called to be agents of the status-quo. We are already hearing the voices that are saying that this is proof that racism is a minimal problem in the United States of America. We are already hearing the voices that are saying that the U.S. has finally been true to the principles of its founding. I even heard one person say that Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream has finally come into fruition.

Looking to God’s Future

Go ahead and be happy, but as a prophet remember that we not only look back, but we also look forward to God’s ideal. We look forward to the day when bailouts of the poor and middle class are just as important and “dire” as bailouts for the super rich. We look forward to the day when peace talks are not used as political weapons on the global stage. And yes, we look forward to the day when justice will roll down like waters and righteousness as an ever flowing stream. (Amos 5:24)

I praise God for today, and I praise God for the eschatological tomorrow when we will see what God really wants to do with our world.

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