OK…Let’s talk about manuscripts.

Someone sent in a question asking whether it is best to preach with or without notes.

I’m not going to answer that question…Instead I am going to make a couple important statements.

First…You must have eye contact with your people.

a pen is writing on a piece of paper
a pen is writing on a piece of paper
Note…I didn’t say this would be good…I didn’t say it would be beneficial. No I said you MUST have it.

Whether you write out the manuscript or not, you should know your sermon well enough that you don’t spend the majority of your time looking down.

Preach to your people…not to your manuscript.

If you do not have eye contact…it is probably due to you not going over your sermon enough to know it…

Do you really know it…

There are some preachers who use a manuscript, but they still do a very good job at interacting with your people…

The next statement I will make. Whether you preach with notes or not, you must remember that the sermon is a preached event.

What you have written down is not a sermon.

It just helps you deliver the sermon.

What you preach is the sermon.

And always leave room for the spirit to use your preparation to go somewhere, even if it is not in your manuscript.

In short…

Go over your manuscript…

Practice your manuscript…

Know your manuscript.

Then you will deliver it powerfully whether you use notes or not…

Till next time,

Brother Sherman

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