As you know if you are a regular reader of this website, the Biblical Preaching Blog is one of my favorite websites for preaching related information. Peter Mead, the primary contributor, has a post up where he encourages preachers to not “Half Quit.”

What is it to Half Quit

What is it to “half quit?” I am glad you asked. This is in sermon preparation when you do not go back to the text and engage it now. Instead you fall back on some old notes on the text. Maybe you simply hit the commentary too early.

Mead notes:

When the schedule is tight and you are drained emotionally and physically, pulled in numerous directions, don’t half quit on your preparation. It may seem tempting to not really study the text, to short-circuit all exegesis. When Sunday is rapidly approaching and your energy is low, don’t half quit on sermon shaping. Don’t just go with your study notes, but try to think through your audience and their needs, think through the best way to communicate this passage to them.

Don’t use the Old Horse Too Often

Certainly there are times when the preacher must “dust off an old horse and ride it,” but our God and our vocation as preachers of the Gospel requires that we make a general habit of receiving a fresh word from heaven and prepare it for our current waiting congregation.

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