I make a habit of listening to Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III of Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas Texas. Dr. Haynes incorporates stories into his preaching very effectively. These stories are gleaned from various sources.

Finding Stories

These stories come from various locations. Some of Dr. Haynes’ stories are from his life. Sometimes he tells stories from books that he has read. Some of the stories are from history, especially African American history. I have heard him quote stories from Readers Digest. In addition, Haynes has told stories from television, songs, arts, and other sources. Basically, Dr. Haynes can tell a story from just about anywhere.

Haynes Twist – Talking to Objects

One of Dr. Haynes more innovative storytelling tactics is the personification of inanimate objects. In these narratives, Dr. Haynes speaks to the object and the object talks back. The discussion is always to illustrate the gospel in the sermon.

For example, I remember one sermon where Dr. Haynes describes a conversation between himself and a slice of pound cake. Here Haynes discussed with the pound cake the steps that the pound cake had to go through to become sweet and good for eating. These steps included the mixing, pounding, and the heating in the oven of the ingredients of the pound cake. This conversation provided an illustration of what God will do to us to turn us into what God wants us to be.

In a recent sermon, Dr. Haynes had a conversation with a pair of pants. He was going to iron the pair of pants and the pants didn’t want to experience the heat. The conversation demonstrated how Haynes would provide just enough heat to get rid of the wrinkles but not too much to destroy the pants. This was an illustration of God only allowing just enough heat on us to get rid of our imperfections.

These conversations are effective ways to help the people experience the good news. In a way it is the “rock’s crying out” and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

More than these conversations, but Dr. Haynes also tells stories about common occurrences. He sees gospel in even these stories. For example, Dr. Haynes can talk about how a cab driver got him to the airport on time for a flight. This illustrated God’s ability to navigate our life just as the cab driver was able to get around the traffic.

What Stories Do for Us

In all of these cases, the stories help the people experience the gospel. In stead of just hearing the gospel, we must experience it, and we do that by seeing it in real life.

Dr. Haynes goes through great pains to make the points in his sermons practical. This is one of the reasons why his sermons are so effective.

We as preachers can apply this to our own preaching by recognizing that people have not come to hear “theory.” If you want to preach theory, then you must make that theory real with a good story.

In the end, don’t tell people “God knows how to navigate your future.” Tell a story about how a human knows how to navigate to the airport. Then people can experience the Gospel.

8 thoughts on “Frederick Haynes’ Stories – Improving Your Preaching

  1. That man is a preaching machine! But I digress. Thank you so much for taking the time to build this website. This is much needed for new and not-so-new preachers. It seems there is a superspiritual attitude (Oh, I’m so gifted, special, and extra-ordinarily anointed of God) about preaching that needs to be dismantled, not to mention the “I-got-mind-you-get-yours-the-best-way-you-can” nonsense.

    Thank you again and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for your comments. Dr. Haynes is most certainly a “preaching machine.” I listen to him almost weekly via the web.

    I thank you for noting the lack of aid for preachers. This site is my attempt to make my knowledge accessible to others. Perhaps others will follow that lead.

  3. Thank you for obeying God and putting this website up. I’ve been preaching for almost 10 years and have never seen a site like this. Thank you again!!!

  4. I’ve only heard Pastor Haynes preach once and i must say “The Word of the Lord was in him” The bible say to “Speak a Word in Season to those who are weary” he definitely did

  5. Dr. Haynes is a one of a kind preacher. Everytime I’m in Dallas, I always attend FWBC. That man has no idea what he has instilled in my life in his sermons. I thank God for him and the FWBC family. I was listening to him preach and he was dealing with the women of the church. But I got something out of it from a male’s perspective. Pastor Haynes is gifted.

  6. I agree he(Dr.Haynes) is a preaching machine.

    I attended Dr.& Pastor Freddie Haynes church in Dallas,TX for five years . I was there prior to the church he now heads on 20/20 Wheatland Rd. “Friendship-West Baptist Church .With that being said , his approach is still the same!

    No bells and whistles ALL REAL,ALL MOTIVATING. He takes a spool of thread and turns it into a full cashmere suit. His stories are ones that we all can relate to . Anyone of any age or gender .

    I’m sure that’s just one of his purposes behind integrating and story telling. He relates daily life with THE BIBLE and THE WORDS of GOD.

    I still admire and listen to his sermons when I can. The best way to describe it is they are simplified and expressed in steps.

    The style is respected and appreciated by all ages.

    I brought my Dad & Grandmother to one of his services three years ago. My Dad is not a devoted Christian and my Grandmother is a “Judgmental Christian”!!! However~they both left that sermon amazed ,touched,and wanting to make a change in life style.

    For me that said allot about the Story telling approach and annointing touches of DR.& Pastor Fredrick D.Haynes 111
    Signed :
    A Old Member

  7. Iam a member of FWBC; I am so glad I joined. Dr. HAynes not only preaches the word, yet, he teaches it. If you ahve a question about the sermon, he will NOT hesitate to stop and explain it, or, if need be, he will ask you to come to Bible Study, or even give him a call. He is a wonderful preacher, yet, he will also tell you ‘Sunday Morning is the iceing; what are you doing all week?’ The class offered at the Howard Therman Bible Institute are wonderful tools, and everything he speaks about, he will CHALLANGE you to lookit up in the Bible YOURSELF. He is a Great Man of God, who is VERY intouch with what is going on with people today. If anyone is ever in the DFW, TX area, I implore you to stop by. Stay Blessed.

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