Peter Mead of Biblical Preaching has a post up on why preachers should listen to other preachers. It should go without saying that a preacher should listen to other preachers if that preacher is to improve the preacher’s craft.

Some Preachers Don’t Listen to Sermons

However, I remember listening to a preacher-blogger who admitted that he would rather listen to a theological lecture than sermons. The preacher further admitted that he hardly ever listens to any sermons. I wonder if he is an improving preacher?

I began to think. How effective would a Jazz Musician be if she never listened to any other musicians? How effective would a singer be if he only listened to training lectures rather than songs. In truth, one of the best ways to improve our preaching is to listen to see how others deal with texts and proclaim the gospel.

The Internet Makes this Easy

It is really inexcusable in the age of the internet to not listen to other preachers. Type a preacher’s name in Google and there is a good chance that preacher’s sermons are online. I would encourage you to go to StreamingFaith and listen to the variety of proclaimers of the gospel that are there.

Listen to a Variety of Preachers

Finally, without compromising your principles, please listen to a wide variety of proclaimers. If you are an African American preacher, listen to some Caucasians, if you are evangelical, listen to some mainline types. If you are American, why not listen to some foreigners. The variety may help to spark your creativity as you seek to become a more effective preacher.

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