OK, folks, I’m fixing to put a stake in the ground that is gonna anger some of yall…Forgive me, but I gotta do it…

When you present the truth of the Gospel in all of its implications the people must respond. It may be a calm resolve to follow the word. It may be shouting. It may also include a tear, but there will be a response.

Sometimes you may not even see the response…but there will be a response…

What has to happen for genuine celebration? Well one thing the people must be presented with the good news of God’s work for, in and/or through us. If you ain’t presented any of that, then your people are responding to a fake celebration.

Next your people must be presented with the implications of the gospel on THEIR lives. If they don’t understand that, then it is a fake celebration.

Next your people must internalize those implications. 

Then true celebration will come forth. In fact you will not be able to stop it.

Providing a disconnected lecture that only appeals to the mind’s desire for something interesting to think about will not rock the people out of complacency. 

Only appealing to the intellect and not the whole body, mind, and spirit is just as problematic as only appealing to the emotive and not the mind or spirit. 

We don’t have to choose between appealing to just the mind or appealing to the emotive…that is a false dichotomy kindled from the hellish torch of the enemy!

So how do you preach for celebration? You must have a clear teaching of the truth of God’s work. 

Yep clearly teach it. Let the Word do the teaching…

You must tie the scripture specifically to the people. Help them understand how the story of the Bible is their story. How God is active here and now in their lives.

Yep, they have to know that God was both up to something in the scripture, but God is also up to something right here and now.

Then sit back and let the Spirit do what only the Spirit can do.

I am not telling you to get a “cheap shout”…I am telling you to present the gospel in such a way that a response MUST happen…

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Brother Sherman 

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