Here is a transcription of Dr. King’s notes that he took in a introduction to preaching course. There is a list of sermonic strutures like ladder, jewel, skyrocket which begins on the ground in a concrete situation and then “travels up to a spiritual truth which has meaning for that situation on earth; and then the sermon comes down in seperate divisions to that situation.” We also see other structures that you can find in other places.

All in all it looks like Dr. King is notes in a standard introduction to homiletics course. One interesting quote from this is the following:

All preaching grows out of the needs of the people.

Unless the critical approach helps you to understand a thing more it is no good.
You don’t preach knowledge; you use knowledge to preach.

A very interesting quote and I wonder if Dr. King is writing what the instructor said or is he making a statement of his own belief. That last statement should help many people who are deciding whether to allow certain things in their sermon. “You don’t preach knowledge; you use knoweldge to preach.”

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