My Sister and Brother preachers, preparation will help the preacher weather the storm of standing behind the sacred desk. It is our hope that this series of simple suggestions lifts your spirits and increases your confidence. Reverend Harris and Elder Cox believe that these suggestions will help you be heard. Links to all of the articles in this series is found follow:

  • The Advantages of Preparation – Reverend Harris reminds us of why preparation so important and how it will help you.
  • Re-Read your Manuscript – You cannot preach with power unless you know your manuscript. Reverend Harris reminds us that this requires reading the manuscript multiple times and well as knowing the scripture like the back of your hand.
  • Know the Pastor and Congregation – To preach effectively, you must know the context. Reverend Harris gives us two parts of the context that you should know intimately, namely the pastor and the group that invited you.
  • Preach to the Occasion – You are preaching to a specific people at a specific time. Reverend Harris reminds us to preach to that specific occasion.
  • Know the Congregation – Is the church a traditional church? Is it a contemporary church? Is there a new pastor? Is there an old one? Reverend Harris provides a few important questions to note if one is to preach to a particular congregation.

  • Leave Room for the Spirit – If you are to preach with power, you must let the Holy Ghost show up! Elder Cox discusses what we can do to open the door for the Spirit.
  • Practice the Sermon Out-Loud – Don’t just read it to yourself, read it out loud. Elder Cox provides important points that will help you understand the importance of practicing out loud.
  • Which Bible Version – You have to have your word, but Which Word?. In this post, Elder Cox provides help in answering both which version to use in preparation and which version to use in presentation.
  • Editing the Sermon – You ain’t done preparing until you edit your sermon. Elder Cox provides 6 things you should look for when editing your sermon.
  • Feeling the Culture – Take out your hymnal and feel the culture that you are addressing. In this post, Elder Cox suggests the use of the hymnal in preparation to help you feel the culture.

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