“I am tired, I just need some time off.” A preacher said to me on a Facebook IM. I asked him, so why don’t you take a day off?”

He frowned. Then he asked me, “What do you mean?”

I laughed and said, “I mean take one day off. No work, no sermon prep. Spend some time with your family.”

“You don’t understand, there is too much ministerial work to do.”

I asked him, “So assign work to an associate and take time off.”

African man sleeping at his workplace in office
African man sleeping at his workplace in office
You probably have heard the statement said, As soon as the sermon is finished, begin working on the next sermon. I understand what they are saying, but there must be a period of rest.

God worked six days and rested on the seventh (Genesis 2:2), so why can’t you take one day off to be rejuvenated. You are important, but you know what, something is wrong with the way your church is structured if you can’t take a day off.

Rest will make your sermons better. Rest will allow you to make connections better. Rest will strengthen you.

And Rest will give you a lesson that is very important for pastors to remember. That lesson is that the work will go on without you and you are not as indispensable as you thought you were.

So go head and rest and let me know how it has improved your preaching.

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God Bless and Keep on Preaching