Review: As One Without Authority

What is the New Homiletic and how has it affected homiletics? This book by Fred Craddock is often referred to as the book that started a big change to the homiletic horizon. As I read it today many things sound almost axiomatic due to the strong influence of the work.

If you wish to learn about the foundations of homiletics today or you have a historical interest in “the New Homiletic,” or you just wish to read a good overview of a method of preaching, I would suggest that you purchase and read the work. You can download a review of this foundational work below.

As One Without AuthorityIn the conclusion to the 5 page review I state:

On page 3 Craddock asks for a stay of execution against the sermon. I think that his book
demonstrates that sermons can overcome the problems described in Chapter 1. This book
shows the fundamentals of induction, narrative, and other components of the new Homiletic
clearly and quickly and thus even today I would suggest that all preachers read it.

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