Tell the Story

The sermon should begin by telling the story of the man who brought his son to be healed by Jesus. The story should be told completely and in a way that people can feel, see, and touch the story. I would say that you tell the story from the centurion stopping Jesus up until Jesus told him that his servant shall be healed. Then give the three points. After that pick the story back up on the way home for the celebration.

Teaching Component

Now we move into the teaching part of the sermon. We have three points. These are three things you must do if you wish to see the healing of God. The first thing one must do is have compassion for others. Note that the Centurion had compassion for his slave. You might note that the word for slave here is not doulos which is the regular Greek word for slave, but it is pais which is the Greek word for a slave that is almost family. Here the centurion had compassion for someone else. We cannot be so caught up into our own healing if we want to see the healing of God, we must desire and be willing to see the healing of somebody else.

The second thing one must do if one is to see the healing of God, one must ask for it. Note in the text that the centurion goes to Jesus and asks for healing. Many of us fear to ask for that which we really want. You might go back to when Jesus asked the man at the pool, “What do you want?” In addition, you want to emphasize the connection in our own lives as we accept that which is less than what we really want. Instead the centurion wanted healing for his servant so he asked for it. It is time to ask for it. We want healing for our nation, ask for it. We want that new job, ask for it.

The third thing you must do if you want to see the healing of God is believe the word of God. Note that the centurion told Jesus, you don’t have to come by my house, but just speak the word only. the word itself has within it the power to do what it says. At this point you might bring in the power of the word, for example at creation, God stood out on nothing and said, let there be, and then there was something.


Then we celebrate. Pick it up on the way home. The centurion is already happy. He doesn’t have to wait to get home, he knows his servant is healed. He singing about the goodness of Jesus. He knows it, how does he know it, because God spoke a word. And you can trust that word. The power of the word of God is well attested. Whether it is a “let there be” to nothingness or a “you will have a son” to Abraham or a “peace be still” to the waves. But also, God’s power is evident because I was once lost in sin and Jesus picked me up and turned me around and placed my feet on solid ground.

5 thoughts on “Need a Sermon? – Seeing God’s Healing Outline

  1. Thanks for the sermon. I am quite interested in the length of a good celebration. As I look at the celebration on Seeing Gods Healing. I noticed it was short…can you help me with the length of the celbration. I also viewed your e-book on celebration. Great job. Thanks again

  2. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:


    This not a sermon. It is a sermon outline. I do realize that it is not formatted the normal way you see an outline, but it is only a sketch of what you want to do in the sermon.

    Thanks and God bless…

  3. I am very interested in your 6 months program. Your teaching style is what I have been praying about. I would like to hear with you further before signing up. Thank you for the blessing. It is appreciated and needed.

  4. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:

    This is largely dependent on the language used in your denomination and/or church. I largely see the two as essentially the same position however…

  5. I enjoy grate preaching, thank you for labering in the kingdom of God. The Lord is richly blessing the ministry He has called my wife and I to. I love the outline and may use it if the Holy Spirit leads. We’re always looking for fresh insite.
    God Bless, DR. Jeremy

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