The Expository Thoughts Blog has a post up on Sermon Evaluation. He asked for the thoughts of his readers. I am in an evaluation class right now so it is sure to change, but here is mine now.

  • You need to give anyone some guidance before asking for an evaluation. The best way to get no helpful feedback is to ask people for feedback on your sermon without giving the invidiual some idea of how to evaluate a sermon. Perhaps take some Wednessday nights and discuss the purpose of the sermon, what your theology of the sermon is, and other important issues like that.
  • Find a way to get your congregation invovled in the sermon creation process. The people should never totally guide the sermon development process, but neither should they have no role at all in my opinion.
  • Seek out professional evaluation. Maybe talk your seminary professor into evaluating a few of your sermons. Maybe trade sermons with a local pastor and evaluate each other’s sermons.
  • Try to look at the sermon prep process from a larger view. Not just today’s sermon, but evaluate the full diet of sermons that you are giving to your people.

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