I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I was at a homecoming weekend in Huntsville Alabama.

OK, folks…let’s go head and knock out the rest of this sermon process.

Right now you have 3 points that fit together.

What you need to do now is take each point. And then you need to expand the point.

If you are going to write a full manuscript, then you will write out each point fully.

If you are going to preach from an outline or with less reliance on notes, then you will write down points and ideas for each of the categories below.

The nice thing about this method of developing points is that it gives you a template to follow if you are going to preach with less reliance on notes…

But that is not required.

We have talked about this before, but now I am going to talk a bit more about it.

How to develop a point…

So again, take each point…

And clearly and fully define the point.

Yep…clearly write down what the point means.

What is it that you are trying to teach from the point. You really need to know that and write down this description.

That’s the first thing you must do.

Then the second thing you must do is illustrate the point.

Here you give a story from the Bible or from history, or from your own life, or from any other place…

Give a story that illustrates or illuminates the idea.

Write it down…

The third thing you do to every point to develop it is to provide a reference for the point…

Here you show how the point is derived from the Bible. Give the reference and show how the point came from there.

As somebody said, if you ain’t got a scripture, then you may have a speech, you may have a saying, but you ain’t got a sermon.

Don’t let the people leave wondering how your scripture is related to the point, clearly show the connection.

The fourth thing you gotta do is celebrate the point.

Check it out…we need a full celebration of the sermon as a whole..that will come…

But folks don’t wait till the end of the sermon to celebrate…

If it’s good news, then celebrate that point you just made.

What are we gonna do with the 30 minutes today? OK, this is probably gonna take longer than 30 minutes, but…

1) Pray.

2) For all three points, define and describe the point.

3) for all three points, get an illustration of the point.

4) for all three points, show how the point is related to the scripture.

5) For all three points, write down a celebration of the point.

See you tomorrow,

Brother Sherman

P.S. Note, this is not the only way to develop points, but it is a powerful way that can at least get you started in the right direction.

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