I remember one time trying to make some dry beans. I had been used to the frozen beans that cooked very quickly. I didn’t realize that the dry beans need much more time. It felt like they cooked and cooked and cooked. But they were never done. Finally, they got to the point where they were ready for eating. A little seasoning and the outcome was much better than the frozen beans I was used to eating.

The Biblical Preaching blog has an interesting post up on the fact that sometimes a sermon is just like those dry beans. Peter Mead notes that he sometimes goes to a 10 day preparation cycle rather than the usual 5 day. But then he notes that sometimes that isn’t even enough time.

When is the Sermon Ready?

When is the sermon ready for preaching? When it has transformed us. For if the sermon transforms us, then it will have a much better chance of being used of God to transform others.

A sermon ain’t ready for preaching until the preacher has let the sermon do to the preacher what he or she hopes it does to the congregation.

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