Peter Mead over at the Biblical Preaching blog presents another very helpful thought on how to Make Your Sermon Sizzle.

How do you do it? Simply use vivid and concrete descriptions.
Mead notes:

When you describe a Biblical scene, or an applicational situation, or an illustration, be as specific as possible. When you are specific, then listeners will be able to see, feel and experience. Do it well and your sermon will sizzle.

One of my homiletics professor’s stated that to take a sermon from good to great one must go line by line through it to make the sermon better. When one does this, one should take out of the sermon as much as possible Generic descriptions and make them all as concrete as possible.

When I update my book “You Can Preach” I will add this to my section called the rhetorical edit. If you want more information on the Rhetorical edit, please download the book at this link.

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