What are you preaching this week?

What are you preaching next week?

What are you preaching next month?

Most of you can answer the first question right now.

Less of you can answer the second question…

And very few can answer the last question…


Because we are talking about sermon planning…

Now this is one of the first modules in the Supercharge Your Sermons System because it is so important.

If you don’t plan…even good sermons will be hit or miss as far as the needs of your congregation are concerned.

Also, you might be addressing only a small portion of the scriptural witness if you don’t plan.

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Some folks only preach the Gospels…

Some folks only preach Pauline Epistles…

Some folks only preach from the Major Prophets of the Old Testament.

Some folks never make use of the Minor Prophets.

What about the Psalms…take away a few of them and they are hardly addressed.

Your people need a full diet…Don’t just serve one food all the time…

Analyze your own sermons…and then see if they address your congregation’s needs.

Check out my homiletic where I work through a full example of doing this at http://www.superchargeyoursermons.net

See Ya Tomorrow,

Brother Sherman