So you aren’t preaching today

Some preachers get in that pulpit once a year and long for that time when they will get another chance.

Whether 51 weeks a year or 1 time a year, most of us find ourselves in a position where we are hearers and not preachers.

So, what do you do?

Look, listen, and participate.

Said another way,

Analyze and Worship…

OK, Cox, just spit it out…

Look and listen to the worship service. How is it put together? What parts appeal and what parts do not. What parts are understandable and what parts are not?

Was that prayer too long? What that song too short. Can you hear Sister Betty’s announcements? Did the announcements help or hinder the worship service?

All of this analysis will help you when it is your turn to be a part of the worship planning.

Do all parts of the worship service support the theological statement the church is trying to promote.

Now do the same thing with the preacher…

OK, so you saying I should critically examine the worship service…

Exactly…But when you do that, never forget to engage in worship. Participate in worship.

Yeah, you are not just in the service as a preacher who is not preaching, but you are in the service as a participant.

So when it is time to stand, stand. When it is time to sing, sing.

That’s it, analyze and participate. If you do that, I bet you you will work the muscles that you need to improve your worship planning and your preaching.

Have you ever thought about how to support the service when you are an associate? Check out my free video on YouTube the associate minister’s guide to the worship service: