The Faith in Action blog has a picture up that the author says is a sermon by itself. The picture is of a homeless man sleeping in front of the closed gate at a church with a sheet over his head. The author states:

It causes me to meditate on how many others are sleeping on the outside of the “Beautiful” gates of the church.

The author sees this as a metaphor for the relevance of the church in the world. I ask, is this picture a metaphor for our own preaching? Are the people in great need left outside of our sermons? Are we preaching simply to those who don’t have real needs and who are not going through real problems? Do the people get what they need from our preaching or do we simply leave them out hoping and desiring to get into where they heard God will bless?

I pray that the hurting will be “let-in” on my sermons and that it will affect their lives.

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