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I had a conversation with a friend of mine on great preaching. She named some media preachers whom she considered great. I then began to probe her for the reasons. It seemed that she enjoyed a “dynamic presentation” and a “powerful relevant spirit filled world.”

After pushing I realized she was talking about a shout and a sermon that speaks to her daily living. She wanted a preacher to help her deal with the troubles and cares of this world.

All of that is good, but I wanted to know if the preachers biblical exegesis mattered? Did it matter if the preacher was using the Bible or simply pulling thoughts from the air? Did it matter if the preacher spoke of how to be an effective witness for Christ rather than just about how to feel good about our circumstances. Did it matter if the preacher helped the people love God and God’s people better or just that the preacher shouted when the preacher preached?

Well my friend told me that she didn’t want to hear dry doctrine but have a living connection to God. At the end of the day, I still don’t know if my friend cares about a Gospel that changes the person into a better picture of the Most High God or doees she just want to shout about a God that will make her feel better down here.

But as preachers, we must bring that word. A powerful word that will change even those who have come just to shout and go home unchanged. It is our job to bring these people face to face with the God that will bring the possibility of change to all who have the audacity to come into that God’s presense.

2 thoughts on “Why Do You Like That Preacher?

  1. debra bailey says:

    i love the way black preachers preach, they keep it interesting, they hold my attention, its not boring, everyone in the church get excited, clapping, standing up giving praise, when watching tv some sunday mornings iam searching for black preachers such as td jakes, creflo dollar, even the women preachers. they keep it real

  2. I have had similar conversations with people. I find that most people “like” preachers that have a powerful delivery seasoned with wit and humor, regardless of the doctrine or underlying text. A clever title and clever delivery is more palatable to them than is sound exposition. This is the weakness of the modern pulpit. We try to cater to the shallow modern tastes of our culture instead of standing on the Word of God.
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