Audio 33 – The Wellspring of Life -Zachary Mills

The power of life and death is in the tongue. Listen to Pastor Cox discuss Zachary Mill’s book on the importance of words for all Christians including preachers.

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The Author Discusses the Book Below

My experience as a Christian preacher has convinced me that there is extraordinary power in the voice. Indeed, the voice has the power of both life and death. When used with care, the voice can birth wonderful blessings into the world. When used carelessly, the voice can destroy blessings.

My book, The Wellspring of LIFE, is my reflection of the life-changing power of the voice as I have experienced it as a journalist, preacher and divinity school student. I have included both personal testimonies and the stories of friends and strangers to help me show that the voice truly does have the power of life (and death). I have also used my training as a journalist and homiletician (one who studies and teaches preaching) to produce fictional stories and portions of actual sermons that help testify to the power of the voice. Thus, in this book I intend to offer the reader an opportunity for a more devotional experience with God. Said another way, I intend to give readers an opportunity to enter into conversation with God about what God might be saying about the power of the voice.

The intent of this book is not to promise you instant success, wealth, fame, or social or political power. I do not want to suggest that experiencing “peace” or “joy” or “happiness” means accumulating money, houses, cars or other material things. The purpose of this book is to inspire you to begin using the Bible (as well as your personal life experience) as a tool to critically examine the power of your voice and to teach you to evaluate how you are using your voice. I do not claim to have all the answers. I am merely a cracked, clay vessel who tried to say something in this book that would either help you or encourage you to think about life differently and anew.

It is my hope that a critical examination of the voice’s power, and an honest evaluation of how we’re wielding this power, will help us discover how we might be preventing good things in our own lives and in the lives of others because of negative speech or thought patterns. Once we learn how we might be abusing the power of our voices we can begin to practically apply the principles we’ve discovered in the Bible, and in our personal lives, to our daily speech and thought patterns so that we can use our voices as God intends for us to use them—in ways that impart life—and not death—into the world.

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