At this link you will find a bunch of sermon titles connected to the scripture. Some are not bad, some are terrible, some are bizarre. I find that looking at sermon titles can help to rejuvinate the creative juices. It might help you, but be careful, some are absolutely terrible, for example:


  1. PIMPOLOGY – Purpose In My Pain – 2 Corinthians 11:23-30
  2. I’m So Sick of Frogs I Could Croak! – Exodus 8:12-14
  3. Excuse Me, But your Slip Is Showing – Hebrews 2:1

It is hard to judge these titles too closely in that we don’t have the sermons,only the titles, but all of these seem to be not only strange, but poor titles.

The first title uses the term PIMP as an acrostic for the sermon. Sometimes sermons like this will start with an illustration talking about Pimps…Then the sermon will turn to the real point of the sermon which in this case purpose in my pain.

Sometimes such sermons are attempts at “relevance” or even, “Keeping it real.” One wonders when the preacher will use terms like “Crack” or “Prostitute” as an acrostic. But more than that, what does a PIMP have to do with Purpose in Pain? Your title should remind people of the sermon and be connected to the title in some way.

Being Clever is not sufficient

I wonder if many of these sermon titles are simply trying to be clever rather than trying to say anything about the sermon in question.

Simply put, a sermon title should be related to the sermon. It should not give the sermon away, but it should be a helpful summary of the sermon once the congregation has heard it.

Go ahead and attempt to come up with something that will drive the point home to the people, but don’t fall into the trap of making a memorable title to a forgettable sermon.

2 thoughts on “Strange Sermon Titles

  1. Kyra Thomas says:

    I absolutely agree! Some if these titles are down right carnality! I heard a sermon once titled “I’m in love with a Stripper” from the book of Job when he was stripped of everything he had. I also heard one that was titled “Go get that ass” from the story of Jesus telling the disciples to get the colt and loose it for He had need of it! To me this is making fun of God’s word and is not edifying at all! God’s word is the same today, yesterday and forevermore! We don’t have to make creative titles of sermons for people who are already struggling with carnality, instead it should be the Word enveloping the purity in which it possess to free and deliver us!

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