When exegeting a text of scripture, we often spend a lot of time looking at what is in the text. And this is right. We put forth a lot of effort to read the text in the original languages if we have facility in them. We put forth effort to look at the narrative, theological, socio-cultural, and other important dimensions of the text.

But looking between the lines reminds us is that we do need to ask other kinds of questions. We need to ask questions about the “spaces between the lines.” We need to ask, “Where is this boys mother or friends?” If we don’t see them readily available. We need to ask questions like: “Why did this woman come to Jesus at this time?” We need to ask questions that might require some “homiletical imagination” to fill in. Instead of just asking “What” and “Who” I would encourage you to take the chance to ask “Why?” When you do this, you will begin to make connections between the past and the present.

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