There are some who think that T.D. Jakes or Eddie Long are the epitome of Black Preaching. However the National Baptists (the largest Black Baptist Convention) spoke against this version of Black preaching at their national convention.

Pastor Freddy Haynes said: “Black communities are suffering, while this prosperity-pimping gospel is emotionally charging people who are watching their communities just literally dissolve,” Dr. William Shaw, president of the convention, called for the opposite of prosperity preaching. Shaw ask for us to help the people move from “worrying about what God will do for them, they are focusing on what they can do for others.”

As is often the case, it is time for the church to preach and present a stronger ecclesiology that would move us from spending all of our time worrying about what we can get from the gospel and more time finding out what the Gospel mandates that we do for others. Let us as preachers not get caught into just telling folks what they can/will/might get…

9 thoughts on “Black Baptists Speak against Prosperity Preaching

  1. You are the second site that I have seen that has commented on this subject. I* praise God that there are many in the Black Church that have now taken a public stand against deception and “fleecing of the flock.” Things like Prosperity preaching ruin it for honest, Truth-focused preaching that is not eisegesis.

  2. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:


    Thanks for your encouraging comment. I think that there are many who question the message of the prosperity preachers and thus I do not in any way think that I am among a few who decry this perversion of the Gospel. I pray for the day when people will stop flocking to hear someone tell them that they are guaranteed wealth and begin listening to the true message that always involves sacrifice….

  3. Jermaine Burns says:

    For everything that is in excess there is always an aspect of truth. Prosperty preaching at its worst is get get get. Most people have moved away from the “americanized” gospel into the true biblical foundation of stewardship. Prosperity teaching has its roots in the bible. You can’t through the baby out with the bath water. Black communities need economic empowerment but I think it has a lot to do with the american dream and little with race demographics.

  4. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:


    Thank you for your comments and providing another perspective. Please tell me what you mean by the “americanized” gospel, for I think that the prosperity message is an example of a Gospel that makes the “Ameirican Dream” and the Gospel almost synomymous…

  5. What I mean by the “americanized” gospel is the aspect that we as americans has the “great house, a luxury car, and for those of us in the South, a great boat” mentality, and that has crept into the church. So, if you turn into a certian Christian TV channel during telethon, you’ll see this. But when I ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the Christ to me, I honestly had to look at the fact that a lot of what I believed about prosperity was american and not kingdom. For Jesus didn’t drive a mercedes chariot, but He know the principles of stewardship and the fact the Father God had made provision for him. I honestly believe that God does not recieve pleasure when we are lacking in those things that we need. A lot of prosperity teaching appeals to americans because we as most americans are not poor, we just have a high debt load. So, to be free from the master of debt is a great thing, but don’t corrupt the gospel because of our greediness and unwise financial choices.

  6. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:


    Thank you for you comments…I initially thought you were saying the exact opposite…forgive my incorrect reading of you…

    God Bless….

  7. Hey Brother,

    I commend the NBC for going for finally speaking out on this. Our culture, and our churches should hear this. Now, the best follow-up to this would be to continue what they’ve started.

    Don’t just look at the fact that they are robbing our culture blind financially. Deal with the other aspects of their teaching, for example how accurate are they in teaching on the Deity of Christ, the Doctrine of the Trinity, etc. It was very good start for the NBC, I would like to see them take it further.

    And as black baptist are know for saying..”I know I’m right about it.”

  8. I appreciate you brothas for this thread. i was just talking to a friend about the “Falling Away” before Christ’s return, and how i sincerely believe that we are that generation. The modern church,”Prosperity Preaching” among others, has deluded the true intent and purpose for Christ’s return. They preach love, joy, peace, happiness, riches and wealth, and a fulfilling life – without preaching that Jesus has not come bring peace, but a sword, and salvation. Mind you, through Christ Jesus we just may recieve those things, but that’s not our focal point. The “true” focal point is preaching the cross, the law, sin, and repentance – rather than the above list.

    Prosperity preaching simply orchestrates the great “Falling away” Jesus spoke about. We have many professing christians that “Try Jesus Out” because they were told to “Put on the Lord Jesus and you’ll recieve love, peace, happiness, riches and wealth, etc.” Instead of the promised temptation, tribulation, and persecution. So what do they do, they lose heart in the faith because as far as they’re concerned, they were told an outright lie, thus causing the great falling away. You feel me…

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