Be not deceived, great preaching requires sustained study and great discipline. Cleophus LaRue notes this fact in his book Power in the Pulpit.

It is true sometimes a preacher can get an idea for a great sermon and have it all come together in minutes, however we often don’t realize that this preacher has been studying daily the scriptures. Whether putting together a sermon or not, the preacher is building up a foundation or reservoir of information from which to draw to preach that sermon.

Some preachers have a set time every day. Some preachers study in the morning. Others study in the evening. Then there are other preachers who study here and there all day 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there, etc. But, whenever the preacher studies, the preacher must take part in some sort of process of engagement with the Spirit and the Scripture.

In addition, LaRue notes that we preachers also must have a hobby or something that takes us away from the rigors of sermon preparation. So we must have serious engagement, but we also must back off to be rejuvenated if we are to preach effective sermons to God’s people.

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