threecrossesPlease note that I am not talking about adding the cross as an appendage to a message that had little to do with it.  I am not talking about whooping about the sacrifice when your message was about something else.  No I am talking about something else.

I am talking about allowing the cross to permeate our messages.  I am talking about preaching in such a way that the people hear the cross even though it may not be the exact sermon title this week.  I am talking about recognizing what Christ did and what Christ is presently doing while pointing to what Christ will ultimately do!

Don’t lose the Gospel dimension in your preaching.  When you do that, your celebration is more powerful, your whooping goes deeper, and your people will be able to see, experience, and live out the implications of the Gospel in their daily lives.

1 thought on “Don’t Lose The Cross

  1. Roger B. Abuloc says:

    That’s right, we should always be clear that in our message what Jesus did for us on the cross even on a subliminally when our topic is not about directly about him.

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