Have you heard about the Dunbar Village Rape? Up till today, I hadn’t and that is a shame. I wish to give props to the What about our Daughters blog for reporting on this very important subject. Here is a post where What About Our Daughters simply asks, “What is in the water.”

In short an African American woman and her 12 year old son were sexually assaulted by 10 young black men. Currently 6 of these 10 men are still on the loose.

Where are the Preachers?

A prophet speaks truth in season and out of season. Preachers, especially African American ones, are called to speak the truth. I have a strange suspicion that I would know about this were the perpetrators white.

It is time for African American preachers to stand up and show the same moral indignation over any indignity done to those in our community whether done by white folks or black folks. Don Imus’ racist and sexist statements caused a groundswell of public opposition, as it should have. But where is the same moral indignation for those who showed in actions much more than Imus showed with his stupid words?

As I read the story my heart as a father and husband was touched. I look at this and wonder if we are too busy talking to people about their financial breakthrough. Are we too busy speaking about planting seeds to take some time to be the prophet that God has called us to be?

Can God Count on the Black Preacher?

If nobody else will say anything, Can’t God count on the Black Preacher? Because if God can’t count on the Black Preacher, then I fear for the coming days.

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