Chuck Warnick in his Confessions of a Small Church Pastor blog asks the question, “Has gift-based ministry given us an excuse not to serve?” He notes that often we hear people saying, “that is not my gift” when asked to serve.

Warnick notes that we have allowed the idea that all have been given a gift to be perverted into the idea that “if you don’t have THIS gift you don’t have to do anything.”

It is true that we have in the past pushed people into ministries that they were ill suited for, but somehow I doubt that the current state of affairs was the desired outcome of those who rightly championed the gift based ministry.

How much of this is our fault as preachers? Have we not done due diligence in our preaching? How many of us simply accept the idea that most of the church will do nothing as long as we still have an audience for our preaching ministry? The church is asleep and laying next to her is a spiritual gifts assessment form.

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