8 thoughts on “Expand A Sermon Outline Into A Sermon

  1. Min. Anthony Wilkinson says:

    Praise the Lord

    I logged on this morning and saw this video. I was excited because yesterday 09/19/10, I had the opportunity to bring the message at my church. In preparation for this message I used a sermon outline to do just this.

    I was encouraged to see that I had done a number of things that you had outlined in this video. I also want to say that having been of of your students in the first seminar you gave I was able to also used some of the material that had been presented. The most valuable part was The Four Waves of Experiential Exegesis. What an awesome tool. For those who have taken the course or are in the course presently let me saw to you all to make good use of this material. It will take your preaching to another level.

  2. I certainly appreciated that video. Interestingly, I preached a message second Sunday in September and used some of your techniques without even knowing it. I started seminary a while back, but I’ve yet to continue and finish my training. For now, your website has truly blessed me. Thank you.

  3. I just want to say the infomation on your website has helped me so much in preparing my sermons, I’ve learned how to prepare them and how to present them. That’s why my pastor always tell me to continue to learn and to enroll in a good bible school.

  4. Sylvester Warsaw, Jr. says:

    I am truly grateful to God that He has given you the gift to teach, especially, our brohters and sisters who haven’t had the opportunity of attending seminary, however, I, want to be clear that ultimately we who are called to preach must sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from Him through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for not talking about proof texting. In my humble opinion, I, truly believe that each text can stand on its own. For, me, the best sermon illustrations come straight from the Bible. For the vast majority of Black Americans if we read anything it’s the Bible and as a result you can’t go wrong with Biblical illustrations. I also agree with using all the resources available as you mentioned because of the Prophetic tradition we stand in.

  5. The concept in this video was clearly explained and effective for sermon preparation. I had viewed this and other videos on youtube prior to registering for soulpreaching.com. It was because of what I heard that I signed up.

    Thank you-

  6. The information shared in the video was very effective in explaining how to prepare a sermon from an outline. It was concised and easy to understand and remember. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. As it was stated before, those of us who have not been afforded the opportunity to matriculate through seminary can still learn how to preach effectively, “rightly dividing the Word”, using the resources that you share and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I am so thankful that I found your website.

  7. Jimmy Stanfield says:

    Great point about the use of the hymnal as to illustrate a point! The hymnal is actually a book full of sermons in a pinch. At least in a lot of them each verse is a point in making the main point of the hymn or song and you’d be surprised how you can preach from the hymnal using many hymns as an outline. If you’re ever asked to preach at the last minute it might save the day for you!

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