Fall 2006 Is History – School Term Ends

Claiming Theology in the PulpitAs some of you know, I am a MDiv student at Vanderbilt Divinity School. I ended a very fruitful term where I was in two Homiletics Courses both by Professor John McClure. The first course was Modern Homiletic Theory. You can find a few of the papers that I wrote for that course on this site. I am about to translate them from pdf to straight HTML which is supposed to aid people accessing the papers. That was a PhD seminar where the students were each assigned a certain number of terms that we had to research and present to the class.

As One Without AuthorityOther noteable books Was Fred Craddock’s As One Without Authority. I had not read this very influential book before taking the class and thus it was good to grab ahold of it. Also we read Dr. McClure’s The Roundtable Pulpit: Where Leadership and Preaching Meet which was a very interesting take on The Roundtable Pulpit: Where Leadership and Preaching Meetattempting to spread around the authority of the preacher. Then we looked at the PostLiberal book Preaching Jesus: New Directions for Homiletics in Hans Frei\’s Postliberal Theology which introduced the class to the post liberal critique of various movements in homiletics including the narrative movement. Another book that I didn’t have to read but did purchase and will Preaching Jesus: New Directions for Homiletics in Hans Frei\'s Postliberal Theologyread eventually is Otherwise Preaching. Another important document was his Homiletic Terms Document which had tons of terms on homiletics and some resources to point the way to find information on each term. Dr. McClure says that he has a book coming out soon that delves into many of these terms.

The Four Codes of PreachingThe second course was Preaching Theology. That course only had 5 students as was amazing. We first looked at our own theology and then we preached 2 sermons in the class. The other students analyzed our presented sermons for theological consistency with our stated theological positions. Another great part of the couse was that we were given some training on Homiletic Supervision. This course was roughly based on Dr. McClure’s books Claiming Theology in the Pulpitand the The Four Codes of Preaching. The method for evaluating one’s theological positions found in the book Preaching Theology is worth the price of the book.

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