The Talking the Walk Blog has a post up on four ancient sermonic forms.

There is

  • Kerygma – Preaching the plain facts of the Gospel.
  • Didache – Preaching the implications and siginificance of the gospel.
  • Paraklesis – Urging on humanity the need to live out the implications of the Gospel Teaching.
  • Homilia – Treat an issue in the light of the Gospel message.

Talking the Walk states that preachers should preach in all of these forms to have a well rounded preaching ministry. I would tend to agree. Preachers must present the Gospel, but also must preach the significance and implications thereof.

In addition, without urging humanity to change its life in relation to the Gospel we are missing something. James was right, faith without works is dead. Finally, if we are to preach “relevant sermons” we must state how the Gospel effects many issues including the ones that we have to deal with daily.

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