Genesis 2

Genesis 2 gives us the second creation story. In this complementary story God goes through great pains to make all of the inhabitants of earth to live in community. The birds were made to be in community, the other animals as well had their community. And the final thing that God made was the man.

And yet there was not a helper of the man. There was no community. Adam is told to name all the animals. This naming of all the animals causes Adam to realize Adam’s need for a helper or a community. The song says, “I need you, You Need Me, We are a part of God’s body.” Adam realized from the naming exercise how much he needed another human being, he needed to be in community.

Today we must never get past the realization that God made all inhabitants of earth, human and animal, to be in community. Let us praise God for giving us not just our husbands or wives, but our friends, churchmembers, acquantances, and even our enemies. We would not be who we are were it not for that community that God created and gave to humanity in the beginning.

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