Acts 1:1-11

We all know that the disciples had seen Jesus Crucified and now they have him resurrected. Certainly this is the time when everything will be fulfilled. They must have throught that now was the time for the Kingdom to be fully realized in this world. If at any time it would be then. And yet Jesus left again.

What an emotional rollercoaster ride they were on and it is no wonder that they just stood there gazing into the sky. Some might have been dumbstruck. Others have deja-vu. Some might have thought, “I knew it was too good to be true.” And others may have just been mad. Why did Jesus come back just to leave again?

The answer to their pain and shock was, “why are you gazing, the same Jesus will come back.” I am sure many of us know exactly how those desciples felt. We have seen God work in our own lives and then it seems that God leaves. And the only thing we have is that the same God who touched our lives will one day touch it again. The same God who was here will be here again. The same God who left us will come back again.

As we stand Gazing looking at the last place God has touched us the angel comes down and reminds us, “God will meet you again! Take Heart! God will meet you again.”

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