“How do I celebrate this sermon?” That is one of the most popular questions that I receive.

When I read the sermon under consideration, the answer almost always is simply, “You don’t know what to celebrate in the sermon because you haven’t given folks anything to celebrate.”

Yeah, I know, you have studied hard and put in a lot of effort into your exegesis. You may have even struggled with the original languages.

I ain’t saying you haven’t put in your time (although that could be the problem). But what I am saying is that if you are gonna celebrate you better have something to celebrate.

Don’t just get up there and lecture about the facts of the text. Don’t just tell me that Job had a problem and that Job took some steps and then Job’s problem was resolved. And then try to celebrate Job’s problem is resolved.

I may get happy at Job, but then I go home to my life. It is good that Job got hooked up in the end, but what does that mean to me? How can I internalize this?

If you want me to celebrate, then you gotta show me how I have something to celebrate. When you do that, the Bible story will be internalized and you will not be able to stop the people from shouting…

Celebration is important. Celebration is powerful. And Celebration will help your people understand the truth of the scripture not just intellectually, but emotionally as well.

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