“I don’t know what’s wrong, but it just didn’t feel right.” A middle aged man told a woman, presumably his wife, at a Christian book store.

Yeah, I know, my wife tells me I need to stop listening to other folks conversations, but hold on, I got a point…

The woman answered, “What are you talking about that man can PA-REACH. He brought the house down on that last point.”

Angry businessman shouting instructions into megaphone

“Yeah, I guess, I just don’t know…” The man answered before changing the subject to one of TD Jakes’ Christian Living books.

This discussion got me to thinking. If something is wrong with your sermon, people may not be able to articulate what is wrong with the sermon, but they can sense that something is wrong.

We all have heard preachers attempt to make up for a lack of a solid point with volume, alliteration, or some other vocal tactic.

But, yelling ain’t gonna fix a broken sermon no matter how much you do it.

What can fix a broken sermon? The fundamentals. Purposeful planning is an important fundamental of sermon construction. You should have some sort of idea where you are going. Something on a grander scale than just your sermon.

Another fundamental is solid preparation of the sermon. You must exegete the text and turn that exegesis into a powerful sermon.

Finally, another fundamental if presentation. Present that sermon in such a way that it is attractive and connected to the content.

Those are your fundamentals, if you hold to them, then your members will at least know where you are coming from and what you are trying to say. They may not agree, they may not do it, but at least they will understand and won’t be trying to figure out what is slightly off about your presentation.

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