We often hear preachers pronounce Greek and Hebrew words in sermons. Sometimes they seem to be clarifying the message by appealing to an obscure word. Whatever the intent, one can easily confuse more than enlighten by pronouncing and appealing to words that the people have no real idea of knowing. If we are real, sometimes we pronounce words simply to demonstrate to the people that we have studied or to show off our education. Certainly that is not always the case, but it is probably more often true than we would like to admit.

Certainly we should use Greek and Hebrew in our PREPARATION, but when we get to our PRESENTATION should we? Sometimes referring to obscure points effectively removes the Bible from the hand of the people as they wonder if they can even understand it without the help of professionals.

We must be careful how we make use of our materials, otherwise we will make our people think that they can’t understand the Bible without us.

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