When you have a main question or a thesis, you need to translate that thesis into a sermon outline. There are Seven Interrogatives that you can ask of your thesis to help you flesh out an outline.

  1. Who? – The first interrogative is to introduce a sequence of persons to be “enumerated, identified, classified, or included in the application of some principle. You connect it with one of the following preposition: “to, from, against, by, with, through, in, on, over, under, behind, of, before, or after.”
  2. Which? – Here you “introduce a sequence of things, choices, or alternatives.” You also can connect it with the prepositions defined above.
  3. What? – Here you “introduce a sequence of meanings, implications, definitions, particulars, characteristics, inclusions, or exclusions.”
  4. Why? – Here you “Introduce a sequence of reasons or objections.

  5. When? – Here you Introduce a sequence of times, phases or conditions.
  6. Where? – Introduce a sequence of places.
  7. How? – Introduce a sequence of ways.

The preacher would simply take the theme and then ask these questions. Each question can help to create a different sermon based on the theme.

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