New Book for Professor Kent Anderson

Choosing to Preach: A Comprehensive Introduction to Sermon Options and StructuresDr. Kent Anderson has just written a book entitled Choosing to Preach. In it he provides various sermon structures for faithful preaching. Anderson is writting from and to an evangelical context.

In the book Anderson is seeking to demonstrate many options including his own which he calls the “Integrative Model.” Looks to integrate Authority as including both text and contemporary experience as well as integrating an appeal to both head and heart. The four stages of his model is helpful in that it provides a very full view of the text and our present situation in light of the text. In a sense we get to look at the text from the standpoint of “head” or logic as well as our present context from the same standpoint. In addition we look at both the text and our present context from the standpoint of heart as well.

Anderson’s method seems to open the door to a fairly systematic look at the text that one need not be evangelical to follow and I would encourage you to look at it.

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