The Expository Thoughts Website has an article that graphs the Daily Devotions of to the ESV devotions site. We see that there is, as you might expect, a spike in January and then a drop that only goes up at another huge spike in December.

How Can We Influence Greater Devotions in Others?

There are two things that this makes me wonder. The first is what can we as preachers do to help people keep up their daily devotions? While it is true that ultimately whether a person keeps daily devotions is up to them, the preacher can probably do some things that might at least influence people to continue devotions?

How Can We Increase Devotions in Ourselves?

The second thing I wonder about is what does the graph look like for preachers? My guess is that it is exactly the same graph. As preacher’s we must recognize that our power comes from our connection to God. That connection comes from prayer and Bible study. Without it, we are adrift. So the second question that we as preachers must contemplate is how can we motivate ourselves to pick up and continue our devotions?

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