Matthew 2:1-12

Here you are sitting in your seat of power that you have worked so hard and deligently to get and out of nowhere some outsiders come up to you and ask where is the new leader? Where is the one who is to take your position? Where is the King?

The Bible says that Herod was frightened of what he had heard. And not only was King Herod frightened, but the Bible says that all of Isreal was frightened with Herod. Why were so many people scared of what is to happen? Right now everyone knew who was their leader. Those individuals who were friends of Herod might lose their power if there is another King beside Herod. Those who have learned how Herod looks when he is bluffing and what they can give to Herod to get what they want had much to lose if Herod is replaced.

Many were scared of this replacement. Many were scared of what could happen. Many didn’t know what to do and so God chose to allow some foreigners to be at the vanguard of preaching about the replacement. Where is he that is born King of the Jews?

Many of us find ourselves in the same position. We say we want Jesus, but do we want the totally new orientation that comes as a result? We say we want Jesus, but do we want the first to really be last and the last to really be first? We say we want Jesus, but do we really want to order our lives by the new way that God has set up? Jesus is coming…no wonder it strikes fear in our breasts, but thank God for the outsider who has nothing invested in our current setup. Thank God for the one who will rejoice that Jesus is come. I pray that I will be like thsoe wise men who knew that the disorder of the Kingdom of God is better than anything we call order in this system.

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  1. I am a fairly newly called preacher and my Pastor is training us new preachers(seminary style). Because he is a very busy man, time does’nt allow him to make classes as regular as he or I would like. So I thank God for this site. It has so many similiarities to my Pastor’s teachings. Thank you so much for what you are doing.God bless you and keep you.

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