In this article we continue discussing simple strategies that will greatly increase your effectiveness as a preacher. The next one is something of special interest to those of us who are especially prone to CP (Colored People) Time. I don’t necessarily believe that there is a correlation between melanin and tardiness, but there is amongst us an ongoing realization that too often we are not on time. To increase your effectiveness, you must be punctual.

Why Being on Time is Important?

We cannot say enough about being on time. Being on time is a necessity. It informs members of the congregation that you take ministry and their time seriously. While it is true that circumstances arise in all of our lives that force us to be a little late at times, but timeliness in the matter of preaching ought to be our habit. Arriving late makes it seem as if you were preoccupied with more pressing matters than both the Gospel and the people; what could be more important than these things?


To Conclude, being on time will demonstrate to the people that you take your role as a preacher seriously and that you think that their time is important. If at all possible be on time and watch your effectiveness as a preacher increase.

1 thought on “Simple Preaching Survival Strategies – Be Punctual

  1. In some cultures people seem to be blind with the importance of punctuality. They arrive late in appointments, start an activity 30 mins. to 1 hour late, and these people who practice tardiness ignore the feelings of those who are waiting for them. So, in our church we always do our worship service on time, and on the dot. We have available a stand-by preacher in our church. We should remember that we are entrusted by God to be faithful with Time, Talent, and Treasure.

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